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Do you still use a desktop computer?

Sometimes it seems the death knell of the desktop computer has been getting louder and louder for years, yet the devices still hang around. They just won't be hanging around Sony any longer. The electronics giant announced that it's unloading the PC part of its business.

Sony's move is just the latest sign that the personal computing business has changed significantly in recent years as more and more customers spend more and more time on small mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

I, for one, just ordered a brand-new desktop for work, but a healthy chunk of my overall computing time has migrated off onto tablets and my laptop. What keeps me in desktop-land are the two spacious monitors I use for spreading all my applications across. That's why I'm not ready to jump off the desktop train yet. My desktop might not be my one-and-only anymore, but it's still important.

My situation may be getting rarer and rarer, though. So let's hear it from you. Do you still use a desktop computer, or have you moved to smaller, more mobile solutions? Vote in our poll and talk it out in the comments.

(Source: CNet)

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