• Is your PC grinding to a halt?

  • Does your computer take forever during start up or advertisement windows pop up unexpectedly?


It could be spyware or even worse a virus. Maybe your computer is being compromised and your valuable data is being stolen seamlessly.

We can find, detect and rid all unwanted presences in your computer. We can even show you how to get FREE Anti-virus software like AVG Anti-virus! To prevent spyware, trojans, malware or viruses from coming back, we will show you all kinds of FREE spyware removal programs at NO COST.

CompuClinic is a group of IT Professionals dedicated to helping consumers, and businesses leverage the power of computers and the Internet.

With over 10 years in operation, and many more prior to the creation of CompuClinic our technicians have the level of experience suited for any IT related issues.

We understand that many consumers, and businesses cannot afford a full-time technical support helpdesk, or IT department, but that doesn't mean you have to suffer in silence, or pay exorbitant pricing for support.

CompuClinic will assess your current situation and make recommendations on how to fix, maintain, or setup the information systems you use for business, and home. All at an affordable rate, or a discounted plan.



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