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Apple Mac Services


Liquid Damage

"Get your liquid damaged MacBook repaired at CompuClinic and save money. Our experts specialize in logic-board repair, bringing your dead board back to life instead of requiring a costly replacement."

Broken Display

"We repair broken displays on all models of MacBooks. If you've accidentally dropped your device and the screen is damaged, come to us for reliable and efficient service."

Won't Boot?

"Is your Mac computer experiencing boot issues, displaying a question mark, or stuck on a blue screen? Don't worry, our team can fix these problems within a few days. Simply bring your device to us for a fast and effective solution."

Data Recovery

"If your Mac computer won't start and you need to recover important data, look no further. Our team specializes in data recovery for dead Macs. We have a high success rate in retrieving valuable information for you."


Hardware upgrades

"Is your Mac running slow? Let us help you speed it up! There are various methods to improve the performance of your device. Upgrading to a Solid State Drive and increasing RAM are the most popular and effective upgrades we offer."

Overheating Problem

"Is your Mac overheating and the system fans running at full speed? It's time for a cleaning. Regular maintenance is crucial to keep your device in top shape. Don't wait until it's too late and parts need to be replaced. Come to us for a yearly cleaning and preventative care."

Please slide left and right to see a MacBook Logicboard before and after repair.

Demonstration of a logic board repair on a MacBook Pro.

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